Expert Carpet Cleaning Business Consulting

If you’re establishing a new carpet cleaning business and want to get started on the right foot, or if you’re operating an existing business that’s struggling or has hit a growth plateau, the pros at Darelyn Floor Care can help. Our comprehensive carpet cleaning business consulting and can get you on the right track quickly whether you offer residential or commercial cleaning services.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Business Consulting in Greater Kelowna

Basics of the Business

We can get you rapidly up to speed on what we have come to find are the six fundamental principles of success.

  • The right cleaning equipment & products
  • High-quality ‘green’ cleaning techniques
  • Effective marketing for customer acquisition
  • Excellent customer relations & retention
  • Straightforward pricing & invoicing
  • Dependable financial management & billing

When these basic principles are carefully and systematically implemented, they provide a proven avenue to success. Providing high quality cleaning with job-appropriate equipment and techniques is essential, and great customer service begins at the time appointments are scheduled. Appropriate and positive personal interaction at the customer’s home or business cultivates return business, and straightforward pricing builds trust and helps with obtaining enthusiastic reviews and referrals. Our team can analyze and troubleshoot your business to identify where you may not be performing your best, and help you implement positive change that can pay dividends for decades.

New or Established Businesses

Helping start-up businesses focus on the most important things at the get-go, and setting realistic goals for customer acquisition and growth.

  • Equipment Selection & Hands-on Operational Training
  • Fiber & Material Identification for Appropriate Product Use
  • Selection of Proper Equipment for Each Job
  • Aggressive & Attainable Goal-Setting
  • Identifying & Marketing to Your Target Market
  • Principles of Trust-Building Pricing
  • Scheduling Appointments for Maximum Productivity
  • Principles of Building High Customer Retention
  • Business Aides for Accounting & Billing

With over 20 years’ experience building our business from the ground up, we now offer highly effective carpet cleaning business consulting. Call today if you need help!
Helping established businesses identify problem areas, effect change and become highly effective and profitable.

  • Analysis of Current Business Condition
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & Products
  • Techniques for Optimum Cleaning Results
  • Customer Service Improvement
  • Customer Retention & Acquisition
  • Cultivating Reviews & Referrals
  • Ongoing Staff Training to Stay Up-to-Date
  • Cost-Cutting & Expansion Opportunities
  • Marketing Tools & Techniques for Growth

Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Business Consulting?

Call or email Darelyn Floor Care to schedule a complimentary initial consultation by telephone or online meeting. We’ll quickly be able to tell whether our consulting will be right for you and your business. We provide commercial and residential carpet, area rug, tile and grout and upholstery cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Business Consulting for New & Established Businesses

Serving carpet cleaning businesses in Canada & the U. S.